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Januar 14th, 5:16 pm

Phil Bates
There was some speculation about whether my version of The Gladiators theme would feature in the new BBC series. I even recorded a vocal on a potential new version back in August 2022.Certainly my version was touted as the ‘Official Theme’ for the 2024 series on YouTube.But ….. anyone crazy enough to watch such awful television, and hoping to hear my dulcet tones introduce the new series, would be disappointed.They used the alternative version, probably so they did not have to pay me😂❤️☯️🙏 ... Mehr sehenWeniger sehen

Januar 10th, 4:59 pm

Phil Bates
Sad to hear about the death of Tony Clarkin from Magnum. I had known Tony since the early 70s at the Rum Runner club in Brum, where the band that became Magnum had a residency.They always used to take the piss out of my band, Quill, because we were the antithesis of a ‘rock’ band in those days. We had violin, banjo/ukelele etc, and had a good time feel.But I always liked Tony, and had great respect for his talent as a songwriter and guitarist, even when we were both signed to Jet Records in the mid/late 70s, and were in competition for the labels affection😂❤️RIP Tony, you will be missed ❤️🙏☯️ ... Mehr sehenWeniger sehen


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