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Juli 7th, 9:51 pm

Phil Bates
Hello all. It has been a while since I talked to you.Been busy in Germany, much travelling and juggling of EU days to stay legal.But some great rest and recuperation in Bad Sooden Allendorf, now officially my favourite place in Germany, Berlin, and Semliner See.Just want to let those who are interested know that I am stepping back from the music business next year - 2025.My ELO band will finish at the end of next year, and my solo gigs also.I have already severely cut back on 2024/2025 solo gigs because of problems with my ability to play guitar, especially acoustic, because of growingly arthritic hands.I am calling time on my 55 year music career. It is time, I am tired, in pain, and I find I don’t love playing music any more.I have had a great life, some great experiences, met many wonderful people, and achieved my ambition to largely make my living out of playing, performing, producing, writing, teaching music. I have no regrets.Thank you, those who have supported me and said nice things about my efforts. I will miss meeting you all again.Peace and love 😄🙏❤️☯️ ... See MoreSee Less

Mai 5th, 11:45 pm

Phil Bates
A man could get a complex😂😂Three projects I was involved with, all from around the same period, i.e. the early 1990s, have decided to become active again.‘The Gladiators’ TV show, ‘Moment of Truth’ from ELO Part2, and now album number 2 from Atlantic. What do they all have in common? Let’s think …. chin scratching ….pondering …. 🤔 …..Ah yes, I have it. I am not involved in ANY of them 😂😂The most hilarious of these is the Atlantic album, which I have heard a little of, and was immediately dragged screaming back in time 30 years (yes, it has been that long) to the sometimes tortuous experience of writing lyrics and melodys (i.e. pretty much the whole song) on top of several already existing ‘backing tracks’, which were often pretty boring.Not only this, I sang the whole thing, arranged a lot of the harmonies, played some guitar, replaced several bass guitar tracks, and some keyboards, alongside co-producing, and then bringing my friend, Colin Thurston (he of HumanLeague,DuranDuran,Bowie fame) to mix the album.And yet, I read that my partner in crime, Simon Harrison, wrote the material for the ‘Power’ album seemingly alone.Still, I am not bitter, and I wish him well with his new album. But I do dislike people who tell lies and obfuscate in an attempt at self-aggrandisement.Anyone who watched ‘League of Gentlemen’ and the great Les McQueen will know what is coming next - ‘it’s a shit business’ 😂😂😂😂 ... See MoreSee Less

Mai 4th, 11:51 am

Phil Bates
I played on the ‘Thanks Jimi’ guitar festival in Wroclaw on May 1st. Played ‘Rock & Roll is King’ with the partially rehearsed stage band.It was (literally) a blast.Couldn’t stay for the climax when 7,500 guitarists played ‘Hey Joe’ together because we had an early gig at festival on the other side of town.But being a sufferer of an odd combination of claustrophobia and agrophobia, the event was tough for me with all those people ….and all those guitarists😫😂Unfortunately, they did not break their own world record, set last year, but it was still great to be asked.Our gig at the Rex, Bensheim, was fantastic. Great and very noisy audience. A nice sweaty rock and roll gig ….well, as close as we ever get to ‘rock & roll’ with ELO music😂So, anyone wanting to experience me and my band doing what we do will have to hurry.2025 will be my last year with this project.We have concerts in January, February, and a sort of ‘farewell’ tour in April 2025 but, apart from a few stray gigs during the latter part of ‘25, that will be it.Lights out, curtain closed, sanity restored 😂😂☯️🙏😄❤️ ... See MoreSee Less


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Reimaginings of ELO, Beatles, Trickster, Atlantic, classic songs from the extensive pop/rock/blues songbook, and songs from some of my favourite songwriters – Stevie Wonder, Tom Waits, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, Gerry Rafferty, Keb Mo, Ry Cooder …… plus a smattering of blues, and a soupćon of Celtic.

Plus, some talking about 56 years of my musical history ….. if anyone wants to hear an old fart talking about ‘the good old days’.

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Jo Bates - Keys, Vocals
Suse - Violin, Backing Vocals
RaVo - Bass, Vocals
Chris - Drums
Eric - Keys, Vocals