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April 7th, 3:31 pm

Phil Bates
Just back from a whistle-stop trip to Radomsko in Poland. Four days for a 45-minute gig😜But Jo and I spent our 34th wedding anniversary in Poznan old town, eating Vietnamese and having a drink or two. It was very good, as was the weather.Literally back down to earth with a BUMP when we landed at Birmingham airport at the SECOND attempt. Had to have a go round to get down on the ground intact.I have had some wild approaches and landings at Brum over the years, most notably with Part 2 in around 1994 in a light aircraft we took from Gatwick to play at Jasper Carrot’s Christmas Charity Bash, which was probably the most terrifying flight I have ever taken.But today’s approach and landing was up there in the top one or two of the worst.I was already going grey too quickly, but today speeded the process, I reckon 😂😂 ... Mehr sehenWeniger sehen

April 2nd, 4:11 am

Phil Bates

März 24th, 6:58 am

Phil Bates
Now more news of what happened at Crocus City Hall is coming out, the absolute shock and horror goes deeper.The human tragedy is …..well, I don’t really have words to express my horror, outrage, fury, profound sadness …..But to see that concert hall completely destroyed in that way, when you have had so many fantastic experiences of concerts there, is heartbreaking, and terrifying, if I am honest.Last time we played there in 2018, I went to the front of the stage after the concert had finished, and I was just absolutely overwhelmed at the warmth and appreciation I received on behalf of the band. They kept me there for what must have been an hour, and it moved me greatly.We had one more chance to play there in 2019 before Covid, and then the Ukraine situation, put the kibosh on any return.I regret I didn’t take the chance to go back in 2019, but there were circumstances that prevented it.I send my love, my condolences to all. My heart goes out to all those devastated by this horrific, horrendous crime against humanity ❤️☯️🙏 ... Mehr sehenWeniger sehen


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Jo Bates - Keys, Vocals
Suse - Violin, Backing Vocals
RaVo - Bass, Vocals
Chris - Drums
Eric - Keys, Vocals