Phil Bates


Born on March 30, 1953, in Tamworth, Staffordshire, Phil Bates discovered his love for music at the age of eleven. His musical journey commenced with the formation of his first band, The Wild Four, at the tender age of twelve, later transforming into The Teenbeats.

Early Years and Musical Awakening (1953-1970)

Diverse Musical Phases (1970-1980)

In 1970, at seventeen, Bates left Tamworth and joined the Heavy-Rock band JUG, followed by a stint with the Kabarett/Folk ensemble Enigma. The band eventually evolved into Quill. Bates explored a solo career, collaborated with Duane Eddy in 1974, and engaged in various musical projects during the vibrant London scene of the 1970s.

In 1980, Bates collaborated with Colin Thurston and contributed to the early recordings of Duran Duran. He rejoined Quill in 1983 and co-founded Don’t Panic with his future wife, Jo. The couple spent three years performing in the United Arab Emirates. Bates resumed solo work, collaborated with artists like Billy Ocean, and contributed to TV and radio jingles.

Trickster and Collaborations (1980-1992)

ELO Part II and Global Tours (1993-1999)

The pivotal year 1993 marked Bates‘ association with ELO Part II, embarking on extensive global tours until 1999. He played a significant role in the album „Moment Of Truth“ and worked as a co-producer and mixer.

Post-ELO Part II, Bates ventured into solo projects, formed The Eleanor Rigby Experience, and joined The Orchestra in 2007. Simultaneously, he engaged in diverse musical projects, including BBBV (Beatles, Blues and Blue Violin) and ELO-related ventures like ELO Klassik and The Music of ELO.

Solo Pursuits and Diverse Projects (2000-2010)

Continued Musical Journey (2011-2023)

From 2011 to 2013, Bates participated in projects like Blue Violin and ELO Klassik. In 2013, he founded the Phil Bates Trio with Jo Bates and Susan Filep. Over the years, he continued to captivate audiences, demonstrating his versatility and dedication to music.

As of 2023, Phil Bates remains a prominent figure in the music scene. Whether performing as a solo artist or contributing to collaborative projects, he continues to share his exceptional talent and passion for music with audiences worldwide. Experience the enchanting journey of Phil Bates – a testament to a lifetime dedicated to the art of sound.

Current Endeavors